Mapping essential LMI sources

Through this activity we are exploring the essential LMI sources at national level that can be used by Universities for their activity. The result includes Country Fiches, data (Evidence) Report and Executive Summary for Policy Audience covering a broad group of European Countries.

How are HEI in Europe using LMI

This activity scan how Universities are using LMI. The study is completed by an online survey, the first of its kind focused on LMI usage in universities across Europe. The results include Country Practices Report, online dashboard with infographics and an Executive Summary for Policy Audience.

Production a Training course, and a LMI HUB

The insights and findings from all project activities will be combined into a comprehensive Training Course. This Training Course will provide valuable knowledge and practical guidance for those seeking to use LMI efficiently. The training course will be accompanied by a LMI HUB that will serve as a centralized platform that aggregates various sources of LMI specifically relevant to HEIs and a guide specifically designed to assist HEIs in using LMI effectively in planning their activities.