Established in 1987, Prospektiker is an independent company, specialized in foresight and prospective - strategic studies for the public and private sector.

The company's main purpose is to explore the possible futures, which may emerge from the present situation.

Prospektiker’s main objectives are:

– To detect the innovations, ideas and facts that may be considered portends of the future;
– To discover strong tendencies, both current and potential, which determine the range of possible futures;
– To evaluate possible inflections, impacts whose effects penetrate every level of society and the commitments that must be made in response to these phenomena;
– To take on the role of sentry over the many economic, environmental, technological, social and cultural factors that can have an influence over long and medium term change, identifying key problems for the future, as well as examining those strategies that may be adopted to confront these problems.

Prospektiker counts on a professional human team of 8 people specialized in different disciplines, with degrees in Business Administration and Management, Engineering, Sociology and Law, as well as with postgrads in Sustainability and Environmental Studies, Trade and Marketing, Team Management, Equality and e-Business. This expert team has a broad experience in the implementation of consultancy projects, as for strategic and prospective planning areas, as well as for other kinds of firm and organization advising projects. We can highlight the following specialty areas:
– Training and Employment;
– Society: Social Services, Aging, Immigration and Equality;
– Energy, Environment and Urban Planning;
– Economics and Financial area;
– Commercial and Marketing area;
– Innovation and Technology Monitoring.

The knowledge and experience acquired during all these years, along with the innovative, cooperative, committed and eager character of Prospektiker’s staff, help to face and get ahead of all the challenges that the current changing and uncertain world brings. The market requirements of a permanent improvement of the services offered by Prospektiker, along with the increasing necessity of respecting our environment, has driven us to establish an Integrated quality and environment, certified by AENOR, which guarantees a better service to our clients, and allows our organization to obtain better results (UNE-EN ISO 9001 and UNE-EN ISO 14001). Moreover, Prospektiker is governed by a code of ethics which outlines the mission and values of the organization, and guides its workers on how to approach problems with the ethical principles which are based on the organization’s core values and the standards. Throughout its more than 30 years of existence, Prospektiker has developed different areas of knowledge based on our experience in numerous studies of regional and local strategic foresight and prospective sector, management consulting, implementation, and evaluation of public and private policies.

Prospektiker has close knowledge of the field of employment policy and social policy, as a result of our constant work with local government departments and regional economic and social development, local development agencies and other entities public in the field as well as their participation in European programmes and networks. Prospektiker is part of Mondragon Corporation, a federation of worker cooperatives based in the Basque region of Spain.