Project newsletter Issue #2

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The 2nd newsletter of the LMI-EUniv project brings you the latest updates and insights from our team and our work.

LMI-EUniv team has launched a large European survey to understand how universities in Europe are using Labour Market Intelligence (LMI). This initiative is critical for developing the best strategies for matching education/courses and extra-curricular elements to the needs of the local and regional areas.

Effective use of LMI is vital for universities to innovate around core themes such as demand-driven internal strategic planning, targeted business and public-facing activities, increased outreach and widening participation, efficient careers advice to potential and current learners, and an ability to express their value to the community and local area in newer, more profound ways.

The survey is a unique opportunity for universities in Europe to share their experiences and practices in using LMI. We encourage all universities to participate in the survey to contribute to the advancement of the field and to help develop best practices.