Project meeting in Tallinn

Date: October 2023

Location: Tallinn

Program: Download

The third Transnational Project Meeting within the LMI-EUniv project took place on 11 October 2023 in Tallinn, Estonia, at Tallinn University. This pivotal gathering marked a significant advancement in the project as discussions centered around the outcomes from Intellectual Output 2 (IO2). The meeting provided a collaborative platform to delve into the details and foundational aspects of the training course (TC), ensuring a comprehensive understanding of its core elements. Additionally, the partners engaged in meaningful dialogues about the implementation strategies for the Labour Market Intelligence (LMI) hub and the development of an accompanying guide.

The LMI-EUniv project, which is part of Key Action 2 – Cooperation among organisations and institutions – of the Erasmus+ programme, has been successfully put forward by West University of Timisoara, in collaboration with University of Milano-Bicocca (Italy), Tallinn University (Estonia), Prospektiker (Spain), and LISER – Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research (Luxembourg).

Aiming to refine the utilization of labour market information and intelligence within European universities, the project is dedicated to enhancing the planning and delivery of educational provisions. The establishment of the Labour Market Intelligence Hub is a testament to the project’s commitment to serving as a comprehensive repository for LMI sources and information, aspiring to become an essential resource for all ENRLMM members.