Multiplier Event in Milano

Date: March 2024

Location: Milano

Program: Download

On March 20, 2024, the Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca hosted a Multiplier Event of the LMI-EUniv project. This gathering was a cornerstone event showcasing the strides made by the LMI-EUniv project, focusing on the critical intersection of labour market data and academic development. Participants converged in Milano, engaging in rich discussions about how universities can leverage labour market insights to refine and evolve educational offerings.

The conference featured insightful sessions led by representatives from Università Bicocca, alongside distinguished guests and partners, diving into the practicalities of incorporating labour market information into university curricula. This included a detailed look at JobIN, a pioneering web platform designed by Bicocca, offering a deep dive into over 300 professions and more than 1300 skills shaped by academic courses. The dialogue underscored the essential role of labour market data in developing strategic educational planning.