LMI-EUniv diseminated at the ENRLMM Conference

Date: September 2023

Location: Potsdam

Program: Download

LMI-EUniv project’s findings were featured at the European Conference of Labour Market Observatories held in Potsdam. This event, a cornerstone for knowledge exchange and innovation, occurred from October 27 to 30, 2023. It marked the Annual Meeting of the EN RLMM, orchestrated in collaboration with the Economic Development Agency Brandenburg (WFBB) in Potsdam, Germany, the Coordination/Management of the EN RLMM at IWAK of Goethe University Frankfurt, and in partnership with the OECD LEED-Programme.

Our team’s active involvement in the Big Data Working Group was a highlight, where we showcased the LMI-EUniv results, sharing our insights and advancements with a network of experts and peers.

Big Data Working Group developed a  Big Data Knowledge Hub, an innovative resource aimed at aiding network members in leveraging big data for labour market analysis. This hub provides essential information on methodologies, quality standards, potential applications, and data sets, thereby enhancing the capacity of our network to make data-driven decisions and strategies.