LMI capabilities for employability Roundtable

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As an extension of the International Conference that marked the culmination of the LMI-EUniv project, a round table discussion was held featuring key stakeholders from the labor market. This round table was designed to build on the substantial progress achieved by the LMI-EUniv project in integrating Labor Market Information into the development of academic programs. It aimed to provide an exclusive platform for in-depth dialogue between academia and industry leaders.

The event has taken place on March 29th at West University of Timisoara, Romania. This session gathered academics, policymakers, and professionals who were deeply involved in higher education and labour market analysis. The discussion focused on practical applications of the LMI Hub and the guiding framework developed by the project, examining their impact on aligning educational offerings with evolving labor market demands.

Participants had the opportunity to share experiences, challenges, and success stories about implementing LMI in academic planning. The round table fostered a collaborative environment where stakeholders proposed innovative solutions and strategies to enhance the responsiveness of higher education institutions to labor market trends.